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Despite her name, Egypt is a black shemale from Alabama. She looks stunning for only 19 years old and is always poised when carrying herself. The only time she lets loose is when she reveals her huge cock, but who can blame her?

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Exotic Tranny Wants Your Cock Exotic Tranny Wants Your Cock

It’s really amazing how hot some of these trannies are! I dare say that this tranny is statuesque. If you saw her in a room in that dress you would think you would be telling all your friends about this crazy hot amazing girl.

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Exotic Tranny Wants Your Cock Exotic Tranny Wants Your Cock

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Noelani and I have talked for months via email trying to nail down a shoot. Every time I would be in town she would have self-doubt. Finally she looked at the site and realized that it isn’t a Hawaii based site, and her friends and family wouldn’t see her. She agreed and we set the shoot.

She is a pretty girl, she has only been on hormones for 2 months. Since her features are soft naturally. I think she will be a sight to behold as her transformation continues. I hope I can document it here on the site. More from this black sexy Shemale at Shemaleyum !

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Gorgeous Brownie is from Michigan and she loves to fish, skate and bowl. She likes masculine men that are in control at work and then needs her to take control at home. She loves to fuck, and today she strokes her tranny cock and shoots a load for us.

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We just got back from brazil when I ran into Lady Cartier. I don’t know what it was about her but something told me I was she had what it took. I was looking for a new girl for this blog that wasn’t brazilian. A black shemale that was this sexy would fit the bill perfectly. I told her maybe we could shoot some hot photos of her on the roof. Then maybe go back to my office for a little strip tease. Well, as you can see things worked out perfectly. What a shapely body and sexy attitude. I almost came in pants but good thing she was feeling generous and massaged my balls after we took some hot videos of the strip show.

My secretary came in during our session and I had to tell her I was shooting shemale porn because Lady C’s cock hanging all out and she was slapping me in the face with it. I probably didn’t need to tell her it was kind of obvious. You can see the rest of this hot afternoon here with some updates

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It’s was Tom’s fortune and my loss, when I was meant to shoot Sasha I couldn’t get a hotel room in SF that weekend and took off home early, passing the shoot to him.

Sasha contacted me asking if she could be on the site a few months back – of course, after seeing the pics we jumped at the chance.

She’s a cute 19 yr old, girl, still in school and enjoying life.

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Busty Black Shemale Sasha Busty Black Shemale Sasha