Black Shemale Amanda

Amanda was a Black Shemale that Louie knew during the first visit of Frank from to Brazil. She was accompanying a friend that was photographing for new Frank ts site. No matter how much we insisted , Amanda was embarrassed and didn’t want to photograph on that day. Months later she offered finally to appear nude in the Black-tgirls site. The result was the best possible because she was prepared to give us the maximum of herself.
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Black Shemale Amanda Black Shemale Amanda

Alyssa aka Alyssia

I think she may be the hottest Black TGirl I’ve ever shot. Young, pretty, nice natural breasts , beautiful skin, a total package. She drove up to NY from Virginia Beach to do the shoot and to take care of some personal business. This girl is a guaranteed superstar!

Rob’s info:
One of the finest babes I have seen let alone photographed. Great attitude and what a cracking body, my number 10.
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Alyssa aka Alyssia Alyssa aka Alyssia

Black Shemale Alexia

Photographed by Tony Vee

She had called me a few months ago about doing a shoot. She’s from Recife,Brasil, (for real!) and now lives in Boston. She told me she’d drive down to NY to do he shoot but I got to Boston before she made the trip south.

Really nice and friendly girl, I met at Jacques the night before I shot her. The shoot was a mutual turn on and I was amazed at the size of her cock! One of the largest I’ve ever seen…
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Black Shemale Alexia Black Shemale Alexia

Agatha Backer

Agatha Backer is, with certainty, the tallest black shemale model that Louie has photographed until today. She is 1,93 m and gets the attention through where goes by the posture. When she was a child the parents wanted her to play basketball but they didn’t know there was a transformation so radical during the adolescence. She is said happy with this because there are several men that are simply delirious in having such a tall BTG and so nasty in the bed. She prefers men that let to accomplish her fantasies and that don’t restrict her desires.
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Agatha Backer Agatha Backer

Black Shemale Adrielly

There is a brazilian soccer player famous in the whole world called Ronaldo. He is so good that is known as PHENOMENON by his ability. Well, now you will see another Brazilian phenomenon: the t-girl: ADRIELLY. She possesses one of the most impressive cocks that Louie has ever seen (and he has already seen hundreds). Get ready to see a new Suzanna Holmes because Adrielly has a incredible MONSTER COCK.
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Black Shemale Adrielly Black Shemale Adrielly

Black Shemale Adrianna

“Wow” this Black Shemale is young and cute! She shows us her assets and gets into the shoot just the way we like to see it, very well educated and easy going girl who works regular day job and goes to school. She likes candlelit dinners with Champagne, and romantic walks on the beach in the moonlight. Stats: 5’8″ 145 lbs Blk / Brn”

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Black Shemale Adrianna Black Shemale Adrianna

Black Shemale Aaliyah

Aaliyah is a very nice black Shemale ; she is all natural and has a great personality too. She is very friendly and easygoing. This was her first time doing any modeling, and I must say she did great, lots of good poses and she didn’t need much coaching during the shoot.

She has the cutest little tattoos of bear’s feet on her leg, a very cute smile, and as you can see for yourself, the rest of her is very nice as well. See more or Aaliyah at Shemaleyum

Black Shemale Aaliyah Black Shemale Aaliyah