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Today here at Black Sexy Shemales i have some black shemale movies for you . Shemale dommes Agatha, Daphynne and Yasmin show no mercy in this scene for their submissive man slave. They tie him up, spank him and each take turns fucking his mouth and ass with their big hard cocks until they are ready to cum. Shemale domination at it’s kinkest!

black shemale movies

Enter a world of debauchery. Ropes, chains and big dingalings. A gang of shemales with bad attitudes are itching to torment all willing subjects. Humiliation and slave training are all in a days work. Bad boys better be good boys or they might catch a cumload in the face after being fucked down the throat! Each Shemale diva is more depraved than the next and you never know what to expect from our sinister Shemale Punishers!

Agatha Backer

Agatha Backer is, with certainty, the tallest black shemale model that Louie has photographed until today. She is 1,93 m and gets the attention through where goes by the posture. When she was a child the parents wanted her to play basketball but they didn’t know there was a transformation so radical during the adolescence. She is said happy with this because there are several men that are simply delirious in having such a tall BTG and so nasty in the bed. She prefers men that let to accomplish her fantasies and that don’t restrict her desires.
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Agatha Backer Agatha Backer