Hi, I’m black shemale Brooke

Hi, I'm black shemale Brooke Hi, I'm black shemale Brooke

Hi, I’m black shemale Brooke. I am into the guys that wouldn’t normally go for a girl like me. Maybe its the challenge or maybe I enjoy seeing men explore their sexual fantasies. Want to get my dark chocolate Shemale cock hard quickly? Start sucking on my perky black nipples. You might want to wrap your hungry mouth around my pulsing black shemale toy or you may want to explore my tight black tranny asshole with your tongue! Stroking my huge black tranny cock feels so good you won’t have to wait long before I pop a white hot shemale mess for you! Click here to Join Shemale Strokers now !

Hi, I'm black shemale Brooke Hi, I'm black shemale Brooke

Black Shemale Cum

Black Shemale Cum Black Shemale Cum

These two were off the hook. When I was lucky enough to be hanging out with some of my friends in Brazil I got to meet some black shemales that spoke espanol. I was use to hanging around girls from Altanta or Detroit but when I met Priscilla she rocked my world. That guy William in that photo is one party animal. He took me out to some clubs down there in Sao Paulo and you wouldn’t believe how many black girls were there. They all spoke spanish so I couldn’t get my normal rap on but William was there and took care of everything. Thats when we met Priscilla. She was so sexy with her accent. I knew right away we were all going to get freaky. I think someone put something in my drink to because I got out of control. We took Priscilla back to the villa and started drinking wine. I dont know what Will was telling her but whatever it was it was working. She did the best strip tease to us and teased us with her big cock. She would slap it in our faces and when we would go to reach for it she would pull away. The ass on this chic was amazing. She bent over and started doing some things with her asshole that would make a sailor blush. I just started jacking off and Will grabbed her and started sucking her cock. It was such a turn on because while she was sucking him she was watching me stroke it. I was about to cum and I think she could tell and thats she stopped me “no no no no” not yet she said. I didn’t think she spoke a word of english but I guess no is okay. I found out really soon that she didn’t want me to cum unless I was in her mouth. Needless to say the next week we were all warmed up for her photoshoot with will. The movie turned out amazing 😉

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Black Shemale Cum Black Shemale Cum

Black Hormone Breasts

Black Hormone Breasts Black Hormone Breasts

Janelle is plump and juicy out of Las Vegas. I told her she looked real nice in that bikini. We were hanging out at the pool in the Casino. That’s when I ran into her again. We had hooked up in the past to meet some girls at this shemale club but I lost touch. I’m glad I found her again just getting a tan at the pool. Her black shemale booty was poppin. I told her I could see her nipple. She needed to adjust her bikini. She was like, “Oh, I didn’t know that”, wink wink. She told me she gets more straight married men on her nuts then flies on shit. One of her tactics is to let a little nipple out. Great ice breaker.

I thought she might want to come up to my room and chit chat. That was before she grabbed my cock. Janelle said she’s been wanting some of my dick for a long time. I decided I wouldn’t be stingy and give her a little. I even let her lick my asshole. After she tossed my salad for awhile we hopped in the shower. It was almost time to go back down to the Casino and meet some new shemale she was telling me about.

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