Black TGirl China shows her black Shedick

China shows her black Shedick China shows her black Shedick

A young & cute Black Sexy shemale from the midwest, China came along with her best friend Asia and wanted to do her first shoot with us. She’s just starting out, but she has some good things going for her. What caught my eye was those nice, thick legs of hers, that chocolate bubble booty and of course that black shedick! See more Black Sexy Shemales at Black TGirls

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China shows her black Shedick China shows her black Shedick

Black Shemale India

Black Shemale India

India is a tall, cute black tranny from Florida that made an appearence for BTG before. She has popped back up this year for another hot update. I caught up with her on Myspace and she was very willing to make the shoot happen. She has a cute face, nice perky tits, flat stomach, phat bubble booty and a huge un-cut cock down below. For you guys who like that, she is a dream come true. She was a little shy at first but warmed up quite nicely if I do say so myself.

Black Shemale Secretary Tia

Black Shemale Secretary Tia Black Shemale Secretary Tia

Tia had a hard day at the office. I told her I would rub her feet if she wanted. When she got home she just looked so worn out. It’s hard when you’re a secretary but I guess it’s even harder when your fighting off all the man meat from straight guys all day. She tells me all the time all these married men are hitting on her and sometimes she takes them to the mens room ans sucks them off. I guess that can’t just work with a hot black shemale without eating some dick. Maybe it’s her huge boobs. When she walked in the door I knew I needed to give her a massage. She looked so sexy in her skirt suit. I took off her heels and massaged her feet. I worked my way up her legs and found my way to her hips and booty crack.

When I pulled up her skirt she had nylons on and I could see her semi hard cock pressed againts them. If you get a chance you can watch the movie. If you just want to hang out with more shemales at the clubs that’s cool too playa

Black Shemale Donna

Black Shemale Donna Black Shemale Donna

She didn’t want to show me her cock. I had to ask Donna really nicely. Please girl, can I see your worm? Donna is such a hot and shy little black girl. Her shemale ways have enlightened my interest in her panties. I noticed her bikini top was hot and tasty. Hot pink and I knew the panties had to be. I thought they were bikini bottoms until she took off her tight jeans and I saw that they were not in fact. Yes, I am very observant.

I noticed such a fine bulge in her bottoms. Then I asked her to turn around. When she did I felt my cock getting a little hard because of that fat booty. Okay it’s not the fattest but when she bends over and you have your little one inch clit inside the ass looks really big. What really tripped me out was that was her real hair. You can see more pretty ladies and you know the place here. I told her to put her jeans back on and pull out her cock through the zipper, Jose was going to suck it for her

Black Shemale in black Nylons

Black Shemale in black Nylons Black Shemale in black Nylons

A cute black shemale only five feet tall. Petite and chocolate sweet. Don’t let her size fool you, she is packing about 9 inches of dark tootsie pop. How many licks does it take until you get the cream filling? No problems in the bedroom that’s for sure. I made sure the room was primo top of the line ! We had already partied really hard at the shemale club. We needed a shower before we started taking the sex photos. I loved the tattoo and her ass and I think it really accentuated her buttocks. I told her to wear the black nylons. The black thong was looking damn good too. We had to goto Mcdonalds thought and pick up some food. I thought the cashier was hitting on Topaz. I asked him if he wanted to come back to the motel and watch me take the pictures. He said sure, “I get off work in an hour”.

So we get a knock on the door and it’s Marvin. He was still kind of greasy from work. I told him he could rub Topaz’s booty. He was surprised but did it eagerly. I don’t blame him she had a nice heart shaped behind. Then I told Topaz to turn around. She did and a fat limp dick plopped down on Marvin’s forehead. I think he was in shock. We asked him if he ever had some shemale cock before and he was like “No way, but I’ll let her suck my dick”. Marvin was such a sissy I knew if we all got stoned he would eventually slurp some noodle. Topaz was so seductive and I told him I wouldn’t tell anyone. He got the biggest big mac he ever had right up his ass. A real natural. I gave him my card and told him we should make a movie sometime. I let him rub Topaz’s booty down a little and he split with a limp

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