Black Shemale Amber Skye’s Threesome

Black Shemale Amber Skye's Threesome Black Shemale Amber Skye's Threesome

“On the beautiful summer day, shemale pornstar Amber Skye is out cruising on her Suzuki Katana motorcycle. After deciding to call it a day, she parks at her hotel and decides to have a cigarette to relax from the intense ride. Whilst gazing at the approaching sunset, a young skateboarder by the name of Lucky comes upon the glamorous Amber and can’t help but to try and hit on her. Luck is on his side this grand day as Amber is feeling feisty and invites him up to her hotel room later. Not long after another fellow by the name of Jack whom is out for his evening jog also come across this beautiful transsexual and decides to say hello. Amber spying an opportunity to enact one of her kinky fantasies offers Jack an encounter later up at her room. While Lucky and Jack may not know it yet, they are both in for the time of their lives as they join Amber in one cumtastic threesome that leaves them all spent and panting.” Click here to see more at Shemale Pornstar

Black Shemale Amber Skye's Threesome Black Shemale Amber Skye's Threesome

Black Shemale Sasha Strokes

Black Shemale Sasha Strokes Black Shemale Sasha Strokes

Black Shemale Sasha Strokes and her enormous dick show off every sex position a hotel room can handle including shoving the guy between the mattresses while she fucks him in doggie! This sexual circus of fucking is the hot debut of Sasha Strokes on Sasha’s cock is so big, you can see it from across the room! Sebastian is traveling with the new head of Human Resources and the trip has been full of sexual tension from the minute they got in the car. To add to the tension, a long day of driving leaves them in a shitty hotel room with only one bed. As Sebastian drifts off to awkward sleep, his back pressed up against his new boss, he feels her hand slip under the covers and reach for his cock. The pleasure outweighs the risk and Sebastian lets her take his hard cock into her hot mouth until he cums. And now, Shemale Sasha has all the bait she needs to coerce him into pleasing her and every inch of her huge, raging cock. Sebastian doesn’t even have time to react, Sasha has her black shemale cock in his mouth and is working his face like putty. The night drags on for Sebastian who endures ass fucking in every position until his efforts to resist are fucked out of him and turned into pure desire for Sasha’s cum. Click here to see more at TS Seduction !

Black Shemale Sasha Strokes Black Shemale Sasha Strokes

Busty Black Shemale Sasha stroking

Sexy Black Shemale Sasha

It’s was Tom’s fortune and my loss, when I was meant to shoot Sasha I couldn’t get a hotel room in SF that weekend and took off home early, passing the shoot to him.

Sasha contacted me asking if she could be on the site a few months back – of course, after seeing the pics we jumped at the chance.

She’s a cute 19 yr old, girl, still in school and enjoying life.

Check her out.

P.K. Vegas’ info:

Asia Lee is a great girl who was originally featured under the name Sasha a couple years ago. She has an exotic look that has been further accentuated with the addition of her new 36DD boobs. The extra size on top balances out perfectly with her shapely ass and “extra size” in her uncut cock.

She is a legitimate 9″ and this girl gets hard easily during shoots. She is a total top and loves to have her cock sucked. She resides in San Francisco but travels to Vegas fairly often.

Black Shemale Natassia Dream

Nomad calls his favourite agency and requests the hottest, most dominate woman they can offer. And he gets more than he could ever imagine when Mistress Natassia Dream unlocks his hotel room door and takes a crop out of her bag. It will be a long night for Nomad as Natassia turns him on, denies him, spanks his ass, and shoves her cock in his willing mouth. Nomad is cuffed to the bed and fucked fast and hard in three positions. Natassia shows no mercy and fucks him after he cums from her jerking his hard cock. When she is done, she leaves him bound to the bed, panting and well fucked.

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