Black Shemale Secretary Tia

Black Shemale Secretary Tia Black Shemale Secretary Tia

Tia had a hard day at the office. I told her I would rub her feet if she wanted. When she got home she just looked so worn out. It’s hard when you’re a secretary but I guess it’s even harder when your fighting off all the man meat from straight guys all day. She tells me all the time all these married men are hitting on her and sometimes she takes them to the mens room ans sucks them off. I guess that can’t just work with a hot black shemale without eating some dick. Maybe it’s her huge boobs. When she walked in the door I knew I needed to give her a massage. She looked so sexy in her skirt suit. I took off her heels and massaged her feet. I worked my way up her legs and found my way to her hips and booty crack.

When I pulled up her skirt she had nylons on and I could see her semi hard cock pressed againts them. If you get a chance you can watch the movie. If you just want to hang out with more shemales at the clubs that’s cool too playa

Black Hormone Breasts

Black Hormone Breasts Black Hormone Breasts

Janelle is plump and juicy out of Las Vegas. I told her she looked real nice in that bikini. We were hanging out at the pool in the Casino. That’s when I ran into her again. We had hooked up in the past to meet some girls at this shemale club but I lost touch. I’m glad I found her again just getting a tan at the pool. Her black shemale booty was poppin. I told her I could see her nipple. She needed to adjust her bikini. She was like, “Oh, I didn’t know that”, wink wink. She told me she gets more straight married men on her nuts then flies on shit. One of her tactics is to let a little nipple out. Great ice breaker.

I thought she might want to come up to my room and chit chat. That was before she grabbed my cock. Janelle said she’s been wanting some of my dick for a long time. I decided I wouldn’t be stingy and give her a little. I even let her lick my asshole. After she tossed my salad for awhile we hopped in the shower. It was almost time to go back down to the Casino and meet some new shemale she was telling me about.

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