Black Shemale in black Nylons

Black Shemale in black Nylons Black Shemale in black Nylons

A cute black shemale only five feet tall. Petite and chocolate sweet. Don’t let her size fool you, she is packing about 9 inches of dark tootsie pop. How many licks does it take until you get the cream filling? No problems in the bedroom that’s for sure. I made sure the room was primo top of the line ! We had already partied really hard at the shemale club. We needed a shower before we started taking the sex photos. I loved the tattoo and her ass and I think it really accentuated her buttocks. I told her to wear the black nylons. The black thong was looking damn good too. We had to goto Mcdonalds thought and pick up some food. I thought the cashier was hitting on Topaz. I asked him if he wanted to come back to the motel and watch me take the pictures. He said sure, “I get off work in an hour”.

So we get a knock on the door and it’s Marvin. He was still kind of greasy from work. I told him he could rub Topaz’s booty. He was surprised but did it eagerly. I don’t blame him she had a nice heart shaped behind. Then I told Topaz to turn around. She did and a fat limp dick plopped down on Marvin’s forehead. I think he was in shock. We asked him if he ever had some shemale cock before and he was like “No way, but I’ll let her suck my dick”. Marvin was such a sissy I knew if we all got stoned he would eventually slurp some noodle. Topaz was so seductive and I told him I wouldn’t tell anyone. He got the biggest big mac he ever had right up his ass. A real natural. I gave him my card and told him we should make a movie sometime. I let him rub Topaz’s booty down a little and he split with a limp

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Black Shemale Oral Quenn

Black Shemale Oral Quenn Black Shemale Oral Quenn

I haven’t seen her do any hardcore yet. This came pretty close when Jarrett told me how much he wanted to suck her cock. I invited both of them over to the casino I was staying so we could hookup and take some sex photos. Asia had just got in from Detroit and was ready to show off that sweet little ass of hers.

Jarrett came by and we started gambling then I saw Asia finally show up. She up to her room to slip into something more comfortable and Jarrett was drooling. He watched her walk away really hard and I could see he was getting excited. I told him we could have a few more drinks then go up and I we could start. Asia wanted to hang out in the casino a little longer and we all got a chance to have fun together. I grabbed her ass and she giggled, we were going to have fun. Such a petite black shemale with pretty hair. It was real too wow. I knew it was time to get them together for a fuck session. My camera was ready and when we got back up to the room Jarrett stripped right away. I told Asia to keep her high heels on. See more here

Slender Black Sexy Shemale Tracey

Slender Black Sexy Shemale Slender Black Sexy Shemale

The first thing I thought was wow, nice looking tits. I could see through your red fishnets. It was a great opportunity to get some free jollies. She smacked my lips back and told me she wasn’t that type of girl. Tracey was such a tease. I brought her back to the room to give her a little dick and this is what I got repaid with? I almost left but she told me to stay for awhile. She gave me that sexy look with her pretty eyes and I had to say yes. Not to mention she was holding my balls firmly in a tight grip. I started to get the feeling I was in for the party of a lifetime. I was right because Tracey don’t play.

Tracey is a slender black shemale with some phat ass lumps. I didn’t realize how big they were until I had my face firmly embedded in her black hole. She told me she was going to let the monster out. I was like “Huh?”, she said yeah momma gonna let the monster out. I just ignored it because it kind of scared me. We started drinking some champagne and I got some great sex photos. I told Herman to stop by with his video camera and we all got high. Herman left and we were done for the night. That’s when Tracey let the monster out and I had so much black cock down my throat I was shitting cocoa butter. Then she through me on the bed and told me to throw that ass back. What could I do but what I was told. My little pink butthole was sore for a week