13 Replies to “Victoria Porsche”

  1. This girl is amazingly beautiful but a total bitch to try to talk to. She’s on Urban Chat and puts up all these provocative photos, but oh, don’t compliment her, she’ll block you. Don’t message her either, you’ll get a block. Why the hell is she even there. She’s just there to take up space, don’t try to meet this chick, she’s a waste of time.

  2. This is the sexiest ts I have ever met. She is absolutely beautiful with a body to kill for. And to top it off she has a very nice and positive attitude. Will see her everytime I visit Atlanta. Muah!

  3. I found out this chick has fucking herpes. Make sure you have a condom on when getting oral.

  4. Soo cute , love those balls,could suck em! Whn are u coming to south africa?

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